spring house tour (1st floor)

I'm so excited for this post! 
I don't know why, but I love looking inside of other people's houses (creeper? Yes.). I love to see the way they decorate and their style. 
(A peek into our kitchen nook area)

I'm starting with sharing the downstairs first. Doing both floors at one time seemed like too many photos and there's a handful of rooms upstairs that still need to be 'done'. More on that soon.
The only space downstairs that I am not sharing today is our half/guest bathroom. I'm working on giving it a revamp and will have a 'before & after' post for that space soon. 

First up is our entry way when you first walk in our house. I used to have an entry table right next to the door, but it was too crowed, so for now we are keeping it simple. I'm in the process of deciding what color to paint the inside of our door. We did a light blue in our old house and I'm currently trying to convince Billy pink is the best choice for this house.... tbd on that ;) 
Our stairs and coat closet (which I guess is a thing in all states other than Florida?! I don't think Florida believes in closets...)
Next up is our dining room. I've posted this space on my Instagram before, but one of the first things I did when we moved in was wallpaper this wall. It was my first attempt at wallpaper and I absolutely love how it turned out. We updated the light fixture in here as well and need to get a 'less busy' area rug. 
 I took this photo below and immediately thought I needed to move our robot vacuum out of the way... what an eye sore, right? I kept it because she has become a pivotal part of our family and I have no shame. I love her. 
My office. 
Complete with the vintage school desk that we found for Abigail a couple weeks ago, which we love!
There is a double set of French doors to this room and it's one of my favorite things about the house. I can completely close myself off in here, but when I'm not using it or don't need the quiet/privacy, I keep them open and it makes everything feel so much brighter and roomier.  

This room still needs a light fixture and a larger rug, but I love that this space is right at the front of the house!
Shout out to my hanging plant which I've managed to keep alive for almost two years. She even traveled from Florida with us! The real MVP of the house. 

I love this view.
Our living room isn't a huge space, which doesn't really bother me because we have so many great spaces in this house. I'm used to Florida houses where everything is one big open floor plan, but am loving the more sectioned off spaced homes! 
We have plans for the living room that includ getting rid of our huge sectional (we bought it specifically for our last house, which had a big open living room) to really open things but up, but not any time soon - or when the cat finally decides to shred the thing to bits... which is bound to happen. 
Something fun we did as soon as we moved in was remove all of the blinds from the back windows of the whole house (also read, my dad came over and ripped them off). They were old and we planned on just replacing them, but then we fell in love with the amount of light that poured in without them and now I can't see myself ever putting them back up. 
Our first floor is technically our second floor when you're inside (we have a crawl space underneath... don't even get me started on what I think is hiding in there) so it doesn't really bother me not having the blinds anymore! 
Grand plans for our kitchen include repainting underneath the barstools because I thought I loved the blue I picked out and then it turned out too blue and now I hate it... and figuring out which cabinets to rip out to give us some open shelving. 
And replacing those light fixtures - they aren't awful, but the one over the island is too big for the space and the other is just a bit outdated for me. 
The glass door there leads to our patio deck/backyard. 
10/10 recommend putting a discoball in the room that gets the most/best light in your house because guaranteed at least once a day, your ceiling will sparkle and it's the BEST! 
We use the garage door more than the front door, so I set up a backpack, bag, mail, drop all the things station right next to the door. 
And, the sleeping cat....he's cute. He's also a total ass. 
And finally, we have a hallway that leads back to the dining room. That first door is our pantry and the second is the half/guest bath that I mentioned earlier. 

There we have it! We haven't done a ton to the first floor space, but we have a lot of plans for it. We (when I say 'we' regarding anything house décor/updating related, please know it's just me... Billy does not care.... at all LOL) want to refinish and re-stain the hardwoods, rip out and replace the carpet in the living room, update all the gold hardware (which would already have been done, I'm just scared) and do a bit more wallpapering and painting. Have no fear, when I decide to finally do them, I'll keep you posted ;) 

Cinco De Mayo & an early birthday celebration!

Every year my birthday falls exactly TWO days after Cinco de Mayo and I've had 32 (33 on Tuesday) birthdays... never once have I combined the two. I know, I'm disappointed in myself, too. 
I'm happy to report, I broke the streak this year! 
Billy invited my parents and some of our friends over on Sunday for some Cinco and birthday fun!
It was so fun, I only have a couple of pictures and they were all taken before the party actually started, oops! 

We set up a full taco and nacho bar, had the yummiest Nothing Bundt Cakes cake for dessert and the kids got to take a smack at a very, very sturdy piñata that ultimately needed to be ripped in half (could have been that we were using a rolling pin to hit it, but hey... who knows ;) ) for everyone to get the treats inside! 

 I officially turn 33 tomorrow. It feels like a weird year. 32 was good, but very eye opening, especially recently.
 I'm excited for everything 33 has to offer! 


Easter 2019

Easter was so fun this year! I swear every year I say 'this is my favorite age' but my goodness, this is my FAVORITE age!

Without my whole family is Charlotte (just my parents), the Easter activites were a lot smaller than past years, but we made the most of it and best of all, Abigail had a blast! 

I threw my bunny ears on the night before and got busy putting together Abigail's basket of goodies and filling eggs. I knew she was going to get a ton of candy, so we decided to fill the eggs with everything BUT candy :) I loaded up on hair bows, dollar bills, stickers, bracelets and chap sticks and they were a hit. 

Before Abigail went to bed we went outside and 'planted' jellybeans in the yard with hopes that they would grow into eggs overnight... and they did! Imagine that ;) 
When Abigail woke up, she was so excited to see the eggs and even more excited when she realized they were real eggs, fill with confetti..... that are still all over our yard. 

Billy was able to make us a huge, HUGE breakfast before he had to head off to work. Abigail LOVES helping in the kitchen.. which really works out for me. Hoping pretty soon here I'll never have to step in the kitchen again. Life. Goals. 

I was in charge of drinks and donuts... 

And Billy was in charge of all of this... homemade sausage, homemade biscuits, homemade gravy.. I'm hungry again. 

I had so much fun hiding the eggs around the house this year. This is our first Easter in the new house which makes it so fun to discover all the hiding spots... like in the cat food :) 

She insisted on throwing on her best outfit before heading to my parents house for dinner.
 And then we ate too much and got too full to take any more pictures of our day. 

Hope you all had a wonderful day!