nursery tour

I love my kids nursery. If I didn't think her crib would fall to the ground, I would totally sleep in it. 

Whether or not we had a boy or girl, I knew I what I wanted for a nursery. Mostly all white, with little pops of blue or pink and a super clean look. I hate the look of baby things (princess sheets?! Gag.)  so I tried to steer clear of all of that. 

Her crib is by Jenny Lind. I love, love, double love it SO much! It is so simple and so perfect. And super light weight so it's easy to move around. Which is perfect because we have had to move it several times while trying to figure out the best place to put her monitor. 
The poms in the corner are from the party store. We poofed each one and nailed the into the wall. This was actually kind if difficult and took us a couple times to get right, but I love the finished product. 
The sheets on her mattress are gray chevron from pottery barn kids. 

We bought the white shelf from target. It is filled with about 100 headbands... Stuffed animals, books and a few toys. 

Her wall letters are from Anthropolgie... Do me a favor and don't go look them up. I don't want anyone to see how much I paid for each letter, because its ridulous and embarrassing and I still have buyers remorse...but I mean, look at them! Galvanized metal would be my favorite color, if it was a color... Lets just make it a color ;) 
Her rocker is from ikea and was actually a later purchase. We didn't have this in the room when Abigail was born. We realized we needed something in there to sit in when we were trying to get her sleeping through the night, which was a success at 5 weeks(!!!!). We weren't in love with the chair at first, but now we really like it. It is super comfortable and does what we need it to do. 

The dresser is also for ikea. We love it. It's the perfect size to use as a changing table also. The basket holds her wipes, diapers, creams and sanitizer. And her sound machine is on the left. We use the gray basket as a laundry basket and our best friend, the diaper genie is hanging out here too. 

Closer look. 

And finally, some prints that I made on the computer.. The two on the left are just some colorful designs and the picture on the left says 'today, I will be happier than a bird with a French fry'. My favorite ;) the gold glitter 'A' is from Michaels. 

And that's it! The only thing we are missing are curtains. I haven't found any that I like yet. And we desperately need some because the sun shines right in her room every. Single. Morning. 

And I'll leave you with a cute picture of my love... 

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