Playroom tour.

Finally! Our playroom is done and I might be in love with it. Scratch that. I am totally and completely in love with it.
And it was all funded by Jenny McCarthy ;) if you don't know what I'm talking about, see this post.

We strung Christmas lights at the top of the teepee. It looks SO fun lit up, but looks like complete crap in pictures. Whoops! 
And yes, that is in fact a 7 foot beanbag. 

Mr. Fox says hello..

Love love love how this ruler turned out. And I can't wait until we start marking her height on it. We planned out doing it two nights ago, but Ab has been in quite the mood lately. I have NO idea where she gets it from....

The chalkboard wall...& if my entire house could be covered with that rug, I wouldn't hate it. 

Chalkboard baskets to house all of her toys. 

I filled up mason jars with all of the chalk I use to draw on the board. Color coordinated, of course ;) 

I'm toying with the idea of removing the white floor lamp. I'm not too sure I LOVE it. And also adding something to the wall next to the teepee. I just haven't found anything I like yet and I was anxious to get this up. 

Stay tuned for a super fun 'Fall' post. It's basically September which means its basically Fall. Even if it is 312 degrees outside still. 

And I'll leave you with my dinner the other night. Sign compliments of grampy. 

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