Five things I'll be doing over the next week: 1. Getting my hibachi on at Kobe tonight. I may not be able to taste it because I've been so sick this week, but it's not going to stop me from face planting into a tub of white sauce. 2. Starting Abigail on solids! We finally got the go ahead from her doc & I can't wait! Stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos of food all over my kid and kitchen!! 3. Praying for cooler weather. Seriously, the heat is getting stupid. I have boots, scarves and sweaters begging to be worn! 4. Reorganizing my kitchen cabinets. Yikes, how old could I possibly sound?! But they are a hot mess. I grab one pot and 13 of them come crashing to the ground. 5. Cleaning out my closet. I'm on a serious cleaning binge lately. I can't even walk in my walk-in closet. My shoes, clothes and purses have taken over. I think it's time for an intervention. 
Four items that I need to purchase: 1. Patio furniture... We don't have any. And we need some, bad. I have big dreams of eating breakfast/lunch/dinner on our patio in the fall. 2. A fence for our backyard. The bear situation is getting a little out of control. 3. Groceries. Toast for every meal of the day is becoming unacceptable. Delicious, but unacceptable. 4. Something to go on my dining room wall. I've been doing some decorating have moved a bunch of stuff around, which left me with a bare wall in my dining room. I have my eye on a huge mirror though. Just need to buy it! 

Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life: 1. Revenge 2. Greys Anatomy 3. Parenthood  ... Also, I know this doesn't count, but it does fall under a tv show but. I decided to start watching Prison Break on Netflix....& after one episode is was completely addicted. I finished the damn SERIES in a week!! It was SUCH a good show and I feel like a piece of me is missing now that I'm finished. Please feel free to judge me and call me lame for that last sentence. However, if you never watched it, please do. I  now feel fully capable of breaking someone out of jail if I'm needed. 
Two reasons I'm excited for fall: 1. Not feeling like I have to take a shower every time I walk from my front door to my car. 2. The moccasins I purchased for Abigail the other day. I can not wait to get her toes in them! 
One thing that's currently bothering me: 1. If you follow me on Facebook, this won't come as that much of a surprise, but something that is REALLY bothering me.... LOVEBUGS. they are THE most infuriating creature. I shit you not, they are everywhere. In my car, smashed on the front of my car, in my house, down my shirt, on my child... Everywhere I look, more LOVEBUGS!! Once again, FALL..... Where are you?!? 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :) 

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