Our (LONG) Weekend in Pictures.

Back again with our weekend recap, but this time on a Tuesday! It was a nice long Labor day weekend filled with family, friends and beer.

Saturday started with a trip over to Nanna and Grampy’s…  someone was sleepy.

We spent the day in the pool which was so nice and relaxing. Beer, good food and a baby who loves to be in the water… perfect!!

Billy went and grabbed Abs Sunday morning and put her in our bed. I woke up to this face and it was just what I needed:

I went to go get her morning bottle made and warmed, and when I came back, this was what I found… she slept for another hour, right through her bottle. I didn’t have it in me to wake her.

We spent our morning & afternoon in PJs playing with tons of toys... someone got a bit jealous and wanted in on the action:

Sophie also wanted to check out what all the hype was about with the teepee, and I’m pretty sure I got her seal of approval:

I captured our afternoon meltdown.

30 minutes of SCREAMING resulted in a 2 hour and 45 minute nap in mama’s arms. I didn’t hate it.

I decided that we should get out of our PJ’s before B got home from work, but my mood quickly changed when I realized it was September 1st at 6pm and approximately 112 degrees… this can only mean one thing. DIAPER BABY…. With a headband, of course.

We spent our Labor day relaxing and working on Pinterest projects. After a few trips to the dollar store and Michaels craft store, little lady was pooped:

I also really loved the way her chuck legs looked when I rolled up her skinnies.

I’m so excited about the projects I finished yesterday… The first one I got from Pinterest. I went to Michaels and got 12x12 white cardstock, found black number stickers and a cute 12x12 frame. I arranged the numbers to make our wedding date. 

The second project I did, involved a bit of investigating through my parents’ house. I was on the hunt for some sort of ‘artwork’ I did when I was little. I say ‘artwork’ loosely because all it really was was blue paint splattered on a white piece of paper. I wanted to put it in a frame and hang it in the house. It’ssomething that I want to do with Abigail too, when she gets a little older, so she has one to put in her house one day. It might be my new favorite thing hanging in my house. I love it!

I hope everyone has an awesome week! I’ll be back later this week with the ‘Fall’ post, like promised. If you have any suggestions on future posts from me… anything you want to see,  email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram me.

Xoxo, Mama J.

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