Our Weekend In Pictures.

It's been a pretty laid back, uneventful weekend over here. We have had a house full of sickos with a nasty cold circulating. I can't remember the last time I took liquid NyQuil, but billy swears by it so I put my big girl britches on, grabbed my nose plug and chugged a capful like I was throwing back a cold one. I remember now why I don't take it.... Because it takes like shit. But it seems to have done the trick because I almost feel human again. And now we wait.... We wait for the next sickness to hit the Huff household courtesy of germ city aka daycare. 

And now, a few pictures from our weekend:

Saturday morning soccer game (Nathan did AWESOME!): 

Saturday afternoon we decided to give solids a try... We decided to skip the rice cereal because it doesn't really have any nutritional value. We gave her the baby food version of quinoa... Jury is still out on whether she liked it, but she was so cute trying to eat it. I'm excited to start new foods each week! 

Billy being the amazing husband that he is, knew that mama needed a baby break. So saturday night, he took on daddy/uncle billy duties and watched Abs and Nathan while me and my sister got our hibachi on. 

I decided that I was going to make fall happen. Even though I was wearing my fall boots with a skirt and tank top, I just couldn't stand to let them sit in my closet any longer. 

Mama was thirsty: 

We ended our night by going to Peterbrooke, home of the chocolate covered popcorn ;) I didn't get anything for myself since I'm not a huge chocolate lover (I know, who am I?!) but I brought home some presents for Billy in the form of white chocolate covered Oreos and Peanut butter crackers. He was a happy camper. 

Oh! And we also got an up close look at the new Sun Rail that is hitting Central Florida in the Spring of 2014. They were doing tours of it, but we just snapped a few pictures while we were walking by. It looks really nice.... Sure to be destroyed in day 2 of operation. Keep it classy, Orlando! 

I spent Sunday (THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!!!) finishing up some decorating around the house. I love decorating for fall because if you chose the right decorations, you can keep them up September-November! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Let's all send some fall vibes to the weather gods and wish these 100 degree days away!! 

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