Four & Five Month Favorites

Well, well... It's been a while since I have done one of my favorites posts. We are almost to the 5 and a half month mark (what?!) & there are a few key things that have helped keep us sane us through. 

B. One Two Squeeze Blocks: Abigail LOVES these things. She loves to eat them, talk to them & throw them at my face when she gets pissed. They are perfectly squishy & mama loves the colors. I swear if I took a picture of parts of my house right now, you would find these EVERYWHERE. It's also helping with her crawling. I put them out in front of her to where she can't reach and she goes after them. 
Munchkin Waterproof Liners: Funny story about these bad boys...By now we all know my child loves to blowout. Pretty much every morning. Poop. Everywhere. Which results in either Billy or myself cleaning up her car seat and being late for work. My mom came through in a BIG way and scooped these liners up for us. We lay one underneath Abs every morning and cleanup has been a breeze. They are washable and don't stain. So, if you've got yourself a pooper, pick up some of these! 
Sophie the Giraffe: Now that A can get a good grip on things, teethers have been a lifesaver. Her poor little gums just kill her. I'm anxiously awaiting the first tooth to pop through, but in the meantime Sophie (which is also our dogs name, weird.) hangs out in her mouth. 

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food: I had such high hopes for being one of those mom's who had her shit together enough to be able to make my child's food. All organic, all natural. It didn't happen. I'm lucky if I walk out the door in the morning with my kid shoes on. When we started on solids, I made a batch of homemade sweet potatoes. My sweet, amazing child screamed bloody murder spitting them out eating them. So, I bought these little pouches of food. She goes BANANAS for them! They have been a lifesaver! 
Tadpoles Playmat: We live in a house with ALL tile. We knew that once the babe starting to be mobile we would have to get some sort of play mat. We love this one. It is foamy, but still sturdy and it's big (16ft). it is easy to assemble or put out of sight if you need it to be. And I love that they offered a neutral color, instead of the pinks and blues with fairies and superheros that you usually see (gag.). 
The First Years Sound Machine: OK, I know this has been on an update before but I had to include it again. This is seriously probably the best baby item we have. Abs sleeps with it every. single. night. It plays throughout the whole night, instead of ones that are on a timer and I swear it helps her stay asleep for those 13 glorious hours. And if we are out and we know we need to put her to bed wherever we are, we just throw it in the diaper bag and she passes out wherever we are, as long as this baby is on. I love it! 

I hope these are helpful for any of you mamas/mama to be's! 

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  1. I almost wonder if they love Sophie so much because we insist on giving it to them all the time because it's the go-to teether or if they actually would love it more than others if given a choice? Emily loved hers! She had one other teether she really loved to that I got in a citrus lane box but the rest she wouldn't even touch!