Happy October 1st!

I am so excited that it is finally October. October means the start of all things holiday's and the Huff household could NOT be more excited!!

We put out all of our pumpkins on the front porch last night, sure to attract more bears. But somethings are just worth it.... #amiright?

We are starting our October a bit off, with Abigail giving her mama (read: ME) a not so pleasant sickness, which is resulting in my working from home today. And it's a good thing, because I (and the husband who is on vacation all week, yippee!) was home to wash out her car seat after dropping her off at school this morning. Why did we need to wash her car seat after dropping her off you ask? Because her jackass mother (read: ME) put her diaper on crooked this morning, resulting in the BIGGEST blowout of the century. It was EVERYWHERE. We officially have 'that' child in daycare. You know, the one who always gets dropped off with shit running up her back. Good thing she's so damn cute ;)

I didn't do a 'Weekend in Pictures' post this week, because our weekend was pretty uneventful. But I will leave you with a few cute ones.
She was SO excited to be facing front for the first time in her stroller. We went for a walk and she got to see a whole new world ;) 

She MIGHT be the happiest baby in the world. I chalk it up to her 'owing' me, for making me throw up everyday for 9 months. 

Mama duties; complete. It was a wine and junk TV kind of Sunday night. 

Hope you all have a festively fabulous October 1st. Get out the Pumpkin Beer and fire pits (who am I kidding, it's still 100 degrees here in Florida), it's time to party!  

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