One of those days...

Yesterday was one of those days. 

When I started blogging after baby, I knew that I wanted to hold nothing back. Half for entertainment, half to never forget it. So I really feel the need to tell the story of our disaster of a day, yesterday. 

Abigail is a really happy baby so when she has an off day it's pretty close to my definition of hell. 

A was really cranky all day yesterday. Manageable, but cranky. And then 6pm hit. She started screaming bloody murder. Screams I have never heard before. Screams so loud that I was checking for blood and to make sure all of her limbs were still attached. No matter what I did, she screamed. 30 minutes of this and my head was about to explode. She was crying, I was crying. I felt helpless. I tried burping her, pumping her legs, I knew she wasn't hungry, she would hulk smash her pacifier on the ground everytime I tried to put it in her mouth. She was not impressed with life. After about 50 minutes of screams Billy came home from work (he tried to call, but couldn't hear me because A was screaming so loud). I'm pretty sure he was terrified to walk through the door. As soon as he came in, I handed him our child and I ran to find a place where I couldn't hear the screams. So there I went. Walked into our bedroom, shut the door. Into our bathroom, shut the door. Into our closet, shut the door. And there I laid, on our closet floor. Crying. Googling what could possibly be wrong with our child. My conclusion was gas. So I got my sobbing ass up off the floor and gave Abigail some gas drops. It was about 7pm now so we got her ready for bed. She took her bath (& screamed) and we got pjs on her as quickly as possible. I stood her up and BAM! She let out the nastiest, manliest beer burp & almost immediately started laughing and talking and smiling. 

My life. It's one for the books. 

Billy put her to bed. I immediately left and went grocery shopping. I came home with a box of donuts and an economy sized bottle of wine. 

Mama needs a vacation. 

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