Our Weekend in Pictures

I wasn't going to do a 'Weekend in Pictures' post because our weekend turned out to be quite a hot mess, but I have a few cute ones that I figured I would share.

To recap the week we had leading up to our disastrous weekend... Abigail was sent home from daycare with a 103 fever on Tuesday. She wasn't sick (or so we thought) and figured it was probably teething and/or a fluke. The rule with daycare is if you have a fever you either have to stay home for 24 hours or come back the next day with a doctors note. I couldn't get her in to the doctor so late in the day SO I stayed home with her Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. Working full time from home + watching/playing/entertaining a 5 month old is a sure fire way to get me sent to the loony bin but we had SO much fun together.

Thursday morning (the day she was in the clear to go back to daycare, since she wasn't sick and hadn't had a fever since they called me and told me to come pick her up), we got ready for school and work and headed on our way. When I walked into the daycare to drop her off her teachers handed me a piece of paper about an illness going around the class and that in order for A to come back, she would need a doctor's note. Errrr! So I hustled to the pediatrician, beat out the herd of wild animals moms  who had the same idea as me and was first in line to be seen. Turns out, she didn't have what was going around in the class, but she DID have another virus going around, which would require her to be kept out of daycare the rest of the week. I know what you're thinking and yes, I contemplated a case of beer at 8:30 am.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon... Billy, my family and I had grand plans of going to a Halloween party that we look forward to and go to every year. We had a babysitter coming over and everything. Around 3 pm I started to feel like I was hit by a truck. Out of no where I started to feel SO sick. Body aches, sore throat.. I took a nap, popped some aspirin and decided to get ready for the party and pushed through it. 10 minutes and ZERO beers later, I decided I just couldn't hang and had to call it a night.

The only picture we managed to get together before I turned into Cinderella and hightailed my ass on home. 

Saturday morning I woke feeling even worse. I couldn't move without being in pain. I decided that I needed to go to the doctor and get tested for the flu (yes, that's how bad I felt) even though I had gotten the flu shot about a week and a half ago. I tested negative (whew!) and was told I just had a bad cold. It ruined our Halloween Party plans for Saturday night as well, which I am so sad about. It is Monday now and I am finally feeling a bit better. Abigail is back at daycare & our house is being sanitized as I type. 

In our week together, I did manage to decorate dress my girl up in some pretty festive outfits and take adorable pictures.. I'll leave you with a few of those ; ) 

Cheers Here's to hoping the week is MUCH better than the weekend for the Huff House!

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