Sunday Rambles.

Is there anything worse than a sick child? Nope!

Wednesday night, we put Abigail to bed like normal. After about 15 minutes of watching her on the monitor and her not getting comfy in her crib, I went into her room to soothe her a bit. When I bent down to rub her back, I noticed that she was wet. I figured she had spit up a little bit. I picked her up and saw that she was SOAKED. Covered in vomit. Ugh. I called Billy in, laid her down on her changing pad and started to take off her PJ's. Abigail looked up at me, smiled and then PROJECTILE VOMITED ACROSS HER ROOM. It was everywhere. She started choking because it came out of her nose so like a panicked first time mom, I started beating her back to get her to stop choking, which I'm pretty sure just made things worse. Once she started crying, I scooped her up, puke and all and held her. Billy started a bath and as soon as it was ready, we put her in. She was splashing and smiling like nothing happened. We got her dressed and changed her sheet on her crib and put her back to bed. About 10 minutes later, I went into check on her and she had thrown up all over herself again. Lovely. With no more clean sheets (note to self: buy more sheets), Billy started a load of laundry and I took my girl out to the couch to snuggle. She quickly fell asleep on my chest and everything seemed fine. An hour later, she lifted her head up, gave me a sweet smile and BAM, threw up all over me. That was about the time where I told Billy that she would be sleeping in our bed for the first time. I couldn't imagine letting her sleep in her room, knowing that she kept waking up and choking on her own vomit. Once we all got situated, Abigail fell asleep pretty quickly. And then proceeded to wake up 5 times that night, gagging and puking everywhere.  By the time morning had hit, she woke up and her clothes looked like she had gotten into a fight with a yellow highlighter. I knew she felt horrible and it just broke my heart. We put her on a Pedialite and Probiotic diet and after a few days, she was back to normal. Just a stomach bug. I'm in the market for a lifetime supply of bubble wrap, if anyone knows of a good hookup.

We kept her out of daycare for a few days, which worked out well since Billy has been on vacation this week (read: jealous). He was able to spent some time with her before he left for his boys weekend in Clearwater beach (read: even more jealous). I've been spoiled by having him home so much. He has cooked a few amazing dinners and gotten some things done around the house (helped me hang spider webs on our front door).

We are so excited for him to get back from the beach though!! His girls missed him. (And mama needs her sanity back!)

I'll leave you with an iPhone picture dump from the last few days.

Homemade meatballs over mashed potatoes and gravy. Which we didn't get to finish because puke-fest 2013 started mid bite. 

I started a list of things to pack to spend the night at my parents house this weekend, Billy added to the list.... Good news, we didn't forget to pack her! 

We added spider webs & spiders to our front door decor. I'm kind of loving it. I'm also kind of loving my monogrammed pumpkin creation :) 

Worked from  home for 2 days this week. If you have to have pink eye, this is the way to do it.

Our girl, mid yawn. Probably before she vomited again. 

Girls night in with my mama. I may or may not have finished an entire bottle of wine. By myself. 

We are officially on the move. Which means I am officially panicking over all of the things those little hands could get on. Time to baby proof! 

Another delicious meal made by Billy. He recreated one of our favorite meals from a local Asian restaurant. Spicy Udon noodles with chicken.  

Hope your weekend was filled with less vomit than mine! #beerme.

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