Friday Favorites!

These are a few of my favorite things.... (if you didn't sing that, you're fired).

Housewife Glamour

Thanksgiving Prep//  the Huff's are hosting Thanksgiving this year! We LOVE entertaining, so we are both PUMPED. The menu will include all of the staples, plus muffin tin stuffing & bacon wrapped green beans. Pre-dinner festivites will include target practice with pellet guns and our leftover pumpkins from halloween ;)

Belly Bumps & beyond// a new site that sells gently used or new maternity & baby clothes at discounted prices. Melissa Rycroft (from the Bachelor and various other things) started this. If you have previously used baby clothes or maternity clothes you can contact her and send them in (which is what I did) for people who need them to purchase. The website should be launching soon and I hope it's a success!

This video// based on this video, i think we have a rock climber on our hands. or a spider monkey. she is offically climbing EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. she has a big ole scrape/bruise on her head from pulling herself up on a jumper at school and then slamming her face on it. we are in SO much trouble.

Catching sweet moments like this//  i love capturing these random moments. these two are my world.

& finally my last favorite of this friday.... backing that azz up with Whitney!
My song is obviously due to the fact that it is completely acceptable to start listening to Christmas music. And what Christmas song is better than an Nsync Christmas song? Answer: None.

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  1. Oh man that *NSYNC song just put me in the best mood! Thanks so much for linking up again this week. Have a wonderful weekend! :)