Friday Favorites.

Back for another round of Friday Favorites with Heather at Housewife Glamour!
Housewife Glamour
Putting together Thanksgiving baskets for the Basket Brigade of Central Florida. You can read all about the organization here! In a nutshell, you fill laundry baskets of all of the essentials for Thanksgiving dinner, including a gift card for a Turkey. We were so excited to be able to be a part of it this year & even got my parents involved!

Scentsy warmer & wax with a Christmas Tree scent! My house smells like Christmas right now & I'm not even a little bit mad.

Drive Thru Subway. Not only was this a drive thru but it was ALL touchscreen! Who knew about this?! I sure didn't! Is it sad that this might be the most exciting this that happened this week?! AND, the machine saves your order for future visits! WHAT!??
This Chambray little number that I picked up from H&M for Abigail and her winter pictures at school today! It's killing me not to share the entire outfit with you all, but I want to keep it a surprise in case the pictures actually turn out cute. But let's be honest....

THIS, ladies and gentlemen is the most magical piece of heaven to ever grace my stubby little eyelashes. Give your lashes a few strokes of this eye candy and you will be thanking me for years to come. Seriously. My sister, mom and I all RAVE about this shit!
This girl. She's getting so big, too fast. She is climbing and standing on everything, crawling everywhere and apparently eats like a big kid while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Have a great weekend! Time to get your houses & stomachs ready for the big T-Day! #gobbletilyouwobble

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  1. Ahh! My sister just hosted a Scentsy party last night, but since I don't live in Orlando anymore I missed out. Now you've convinced me to purchase online. And, drive thru Subway? I've said those should exist for years! I would LOVE to find one! Happy Friday :D