Hangover Thursday.

Welp kids, anyone know what comes after Magic Game Wednesday? Answer: Hangover Thursday. That’s what I’m rocking today.

After getting last minute tickets (babysitter included) to the Magic/Heat game last night (thanks, dad!) Billy and I hightailed it down to the Amway Center faster than you can say ‘beer me’.  To say the husband and I needed a date night would be putting it mild. Between his work schedule and our obsession with always wanting to be with our pukey, poopy, adorable child, we haven’t been on a real date night since the turn of the century. #dramatic
So today, after a night of 3rd row from the floor seats, $78 worth of beer, 2 hotdogs & the brilliant idea to go to our favorite bar after the game for more drinks, you get a half assed picture post. Enjoy!

Such good seats! It almost made up for the fact that we left in the 4th quarter when the Magic were down by 30. 

This is a TERRIBLE picture, however I felt like I needed to include one picture of the two of us. #fatface 

Looking at this one actually makes me angry today. College student, I am not. I need PJs before 9pm or I'm junk. 

These beautes were waiting in our yard when we got home. I think we counted 9... Love it! 

& this one, for obvious reasons. Good lord I love this girl! 

Hope your Thursday is a little less cloudy than mine! ;) 

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