Our Weekend in Pictures

It's official. The Huff House HATES daylight savings time. What a stupid concept. Especially when you have a baby on a perfect schedule who loves her sleep! It's sure to be a shit show around these parts for the next few days.....
Our Weekend;

Friday night proved to be too much for this one.

Where did my little baby go?! She is officially giving herself her own bottles. She is getting too big :(
This might be my new favorite picture. & it has everything nothing to do with my head full of weave.

We had some friends over for dinner Saturday night. Billy cooked. I was in charge of dessert. It was the first night in 157 years that it wasn't 95 degrees out, so s'mores were on the menu. Complete with peanut butter cups. A little trick I learn from Jessica the genius over at Little Baby Garvin.

It was a fantastic night spent with fantastic friends.
We woke up on Sunday morning with a sick baby so we spent the day in our sweats, watching movies and cuddling. It was perfect :)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Let me know if the comments what you were up to this weekend!

Thanks to Sami Shenanigans for the link up!
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