Our Weekend in Pictures.

One picture sums up my Friday night. Which led to a rough morning on Saturday.

Saturday was spent getting things done around the house and putting up a few Christmas decorations. I’m trying to hold off on putting up everything since we are hosting Thanksgiving, but it’s getting difficult. I definitely won’t put my tree up until the day after Thanksgiving, but at this point everything else is fair game ; )

Family was in town Saturday night, so we went to dinner where Abigail sat in a highchair for the first time and ate Puff’s. I may have been having a slight meltdown thinking she was going to choke (even though they dissolve in her mouth).

After dinner, we ended the night with a pretty intense game of domino's & too many drinks. #permahangover

My mom gave my baby girl a pedicure on Sunday. I could die over these pretty pink toes.

& apparently I have a child who has snack time on the floor now.  

We had a great weekend & hope you did too!

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