you know you're a mama when...


one.// as your husband is holding your child you hear a burp come out and you just know that vomit is coming with it & without hesitation you stick your hand out and catch your kids puke as to not ruin the work clothes your husband is wearing.

two.// everyday conversation with other mamas consists of pee, poop & puke. you don't bat an eyelash at sentences like 'my child would not spot pooping yesterday'.

three.// you get excited over a new toy that holds your childs attention for more than 3 and a half seconds.

four.// you have 672 of the same picture on your phone and you know that #72 is the PERFECT one.

five.// you don't delete the 671 bad pictures because 'its still cute even if its blurry'.

six.// you would sit in radio silence or drive around for 83 miles if it meant your baby slept for an extra 30 minutes.

seven.// you get satisfaction over suctioning your babes nose and hitting the 'jackpot'.

eight.// sneezes, hiccups & burps could make you cry because they are just too cute.

nine.//  you have a love-hate relationship with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & the Wiggles.

ten.//  you are prepared to drop kick a stranger in public if they even thought about touching your baby.

eleven.// you have army crawled on the ground, under the crib at 2am searching frantically for a pacifier.

twelve.// you use cloth diapers for everything except diapering your child. Need a burp cloth? Don't think of handing me anything other than a cloth diaper.

thirteen.// you find yourself not really dreading Mondays anymore because it means you are going to work and getting 'a break'.

& in the spirit of today;

fourteen.// you actually LOATHE the thought of daylight savings time. even if you are 'gaining an hour' because you know that only means you have a cranky baby at night and a happy baby an hour earlier in the morning.

Mamas; feel free to add to my list in the comments below!

I hope your Sunday's are filled with lots of love, fun & just the right amount of bud light ;)

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