christmas with the huffs.

hi, friends! 

I had every intention of visiting you a few days ago, but to say things have been a bit hectic would be an understatement. Remember when I wrote this post where I told you I had food poisoning and it was basically the worst day of my life (hiiiii, i'm dramatic)!? Well... It wasn't food poisoning. It was the stomach flu. & my entire family found out the hard way. I was sick Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve. Billy was sick all Christmas day & from there my family just started dropping like flies. One after another everyone was getting sick -- Merry Christmas, love the huffs. Oops!

I'm happy to finally say that after 3 cans of lysol and 14 gatorades, our house seems to be in the clear. A never got it... still not sure how that happened, but I'm not complaining. We have spent entirely too much time in our PJs & are ready to get some fresh air!

Moving on... 

I was planning on doing a post about what we all got for Christmas but then my mom Santa decided to buy every. single. thing. that was ever put on the earth and it all became way too much. Thanks, Santa! ;) We all walked away with smiles on our faces (you know, in between puking) & trunks full of loot. Abigail now owns every toy on the shelves of target & has a wardrobe bigger than mine.

& because it wouldn't be fun for the baby blog to not talk about alcohol, on our drive home Christmas night, Billy made the realization that it was our first Christmas without drinking since we turned 18  21. Thanks stomach flu. What a buzz kill.

We were able to manage one family picture on Christmas in our matching-ish PJ's. 

I spy my most favorite Christmas present, ever ;) 

(this picture does not look as blurry on my computer as it does once it is uploaded to the blog. sorry!)

We've been spending our Christmas break cleaning & organizing the house, hitting up the 70% off sales at Target & playing arts and crafts.

Here is one of the creations I made yesterday for A's room. I just took a blank canvas and used blue painter tape and made a bunch of sections. Painted them all fun colors, let it dry and then took off the tape. It's not perfect, but I kind of love it! 

the tree is put away & the festive new years straws have replaced the christmas ones. it's almost 2014! let's make it count! 

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