Friday Favorites.

one// a sweet husband. 
i have to give Billy props for being a totally awesome husband last night. he had to work unusually late, which meant it was just me and the kiddo kicking it by ourselves. when i walked through the door from work/daycare, the house smelled particularly delicious. b had made homemade meatballs which were cooking in the crock pot with a note telling me there was a pan of broccoli in the fridge just waiting for me to pop in the oven. so sweet. i die. 

two// lola. 
 if you read my post from tuesday, you know ALL about Lola, the new baby in our house. i'm still trying to figure out how to use her, but i am in love. side note: we had her set up in a spare bedroom we use as a game room/office but decided that i liked it better where i can be social with the family while i'm working. so (surprise husband!) i moved it out into our living room/kitchen which has a built in. i was originally using it as a bar (shocker.) but i'm thinking i need a bar cart in my near future. perfect solution. 

three// fun prints. 
i wrote about these pearls & pastries prints when i first ordered them. here they are now hung up with some glittery washi tape. i love them so much! 

four// shiny rings. 
fun fact:  i get my rings inspected/cleaned every six months, religiously. seriously, i was in Jared 2 days before i went into labor, getting my rings inspected (even though they didn't even fit on my sausage fingers). i dropped these babies off on tuesday to be tighten and re-dipped and picked them up yesterday. i'm obsessed. 
like my nails? here they are. buy now. thank me later.

five// decorating for christmas.
our house is officially christmas-fied. take a look at the next three pictures. this really is the best time of year. 

 (the small stocking is our dogs, Sophie.) ((i can't believe we have so many stockings this year. it makes my heart so happy!) 

 six// this kid. / holiday photos. 
i know, i know. i keep teasing with little bits of Abigail's holiday photos that she took at school. i'm still trying to decide what we are doing for christmas cards this year so I haven't shared all of them yet. I will soon, i promise. but in the meantime, here is another one of my absolute favorites. 
shout out to her teacher for probably doing something absolutely ridiculous to get her to smile this big :) 

Have a great weekend kids! 
& thank you to Heather at Housewife Glamour for another week of Friday Favorites! 
Housewife Glamour


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! Loving all of the favorites... is this new baby Lola an iMac? If so, Congrats! I am in looooove with ours. Hope you have a great weekend :)

    1. Yes! She is our new iMac! (I can't believe I'm calling a computer 'she'. Haha!)
      Thanks for hosting the linkup every week! So fun!