new baby!

Are you crazy?! NO, I am NOT pregnant! ;) 

BUT, we do have a new baby in our house. & I have named her Lola. We purchased her on Cyber Monday and couldn't be more thrilled to have her added to the Huff Family. 

Everyone.... Meet Lola; 

She's the beauty in black & silver. She is our new iMac. And she is our new love. 

Could I be any more dramatic?! 

Now, let me just say that we have never owned a Mac before (assuming iPhones & iPads don't count) so it is taking some getting used to. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. 

So, what does Lola mean for you? Well, it means more posts, better pictures and fun designs on the blog. 
I've been working from my phone/iPad/crappy, barely works, slow as all hell laptop this whole time. So  my creativity has been limited. But those days are over! 

& i'll leave you with a sneak peak of one of Abigail's holiday photos she had taken at school. And I must say, for school photos and $20 they turned out pretty damn cute. I'll be back tomorrow with the whole batch of them plus some that I took of her.. but in the meantime, LOOK AT MY CHILD PEOPLE! I die.....

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. I love my MacBook and would never go back to the PC (well of course I do every day at work but not for personal use). I even find myself doing the Mac shortcuts at work lol. I use to have a list of short cuts somewhere that was really helpful, you can probably find a good list on google. My only complaint is no "delete" button - only backspace! I also recommend getting a different browser (like Mozilla or google chrome) instead of safari. Have fun with it! You'll never look back!

    And adorable photo of Abigail! I've been pretty impressed with our school photos too but didn't but any only bc we got her full 1st bday/shoot done the same week.