canvas art DIY

I have another SUPER easy DIY for you all today! 
I found this one on Pinterest & figured I would share my attempt with you all because it is so easy, takes such little time and turned out SO cute! 

I have been working hard to redecorate our spare bedroom. It is almost complete but it needed something else for a large wall we have. While I was cleaning out the closet, I came across a HUGE white canvas that we have had since our wedding. I remembered the Pinterest idea and figured I would give it a shot! 

What you will need: 
a white canvas (size doesn't matter)
paint in your colors of choice
painters tape

Since the room that this is going in has 3 gray walls and one purple wall, I decided to go with that theme. The colors I chose were black, gray and purple. 

Also, since this canvas was so big, once I started actually painting I realized that these sorry excuses for paintbrushes weren't going to cut it. I went out to the garage and got a REAL paintbrush. MUCH better idea. 

Place the painters tape on your canvas. I totally winged it. I just kept adding tape to places until I liked the design. 
Side note: if you are using a smaller canvas, cut the tape in half sized strips. You'll get a better design that way. 

my canvas with the tape complete. 

I didn't have a game plan as far as which colors went where. I just started painting and hoped for the best. 
Once you get all of your paint on the canvas, let it dry. I waited a solid 3 hours. 

Once the canvas is completely dry, rip off the tape. Be careful to take the top pieces of tape off first. 

& here is my finished product! 
Some of the paint got through the tape but I love the way it turned out. & see, wasn't that SO easy?! 

Like I said, this will go on a wall in our spare bedroom. Stay tuned for my post about what is looks like now! 

Have a great weekend! :)

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