I'm almost ashamed to admit that we bought our house a year and a half ago and it STILL is not decorated the way that I want it to be. Well, I take that back... It was at one point. But I am so indecisive about each room that I end up redoing them four billion times. Sorry husband.

We have a four bedroom, 3 full bath house. Obviously the master room is ours and we have the nursery, but the other two rooms have kind of been a free for all (or collectors of all the junk we have in our house).

Let me just show you a few pictures of what these two extra rooms look like right now.... this is no filter, no editing, no cleaning up... what you see is what I get.  I give you... the complete shit storm.

//picture one: 

we've got a couch, elliptical and 14 guitars. this was at one point the spare bedroom. & then an office. & now we are attempting to have it be a 'media/workout' room.

my inspiration via pinterest:

I love the bright colors in the first two photos (which is weird, considering I love black and white for EVERYTHING in my house). & I also love the tv mounted on the wall to clear up space, with the added shelves for a clean look. The room is small, but I think if I actually dedicated some time to it, instead of just passing by it everyday hoping the magical decorating fairies visited, I can accomplish what I am looking for.

Moving on.

//picture two.

blog land: meet our sorry excuse for a spare bedroom. woof. you can tell we get TONS of visitors, right? First of all, how creepy is it that there is a sign hanging over the SPARE room bed that says 'The Huffs'. The bed has turned into a collection of games (i spy Jenga and Operation) & canvas prints of my child. 

my inspiration via pinterest; 

to be quite honest. if i didn't think is was absolutely necessary to have a proper guest room in our house, i would just turn the whole damn thing into a giant closet. husband thinks this is a bad idea. what a buzz kill ;) 

from the looks of it, i have my work cut out for me but I'm determined to get my house done! May 10th is the deadline. That is when we will be hosting our first party at our house. Abigail's 1st birthday! Mark your calendars. & get ready for a fun post on plans that I've been scheming for this thing since the day I found out we were having a girl!

& that about does it for me. I just found dried up bananas stuck to my face. thanks kid. #timeforwine


  1. tackle it one room at a time and just finish it. That's what we are doing (or attempting to do) - we are still a WIP. Otherwise our spare rooms become "junk" rooms too!