a few random things.

There is no ryhme or reason to this post. But I know I have been MIA for the past week, so I decided to just fill you in on all of the not so exciting happenings that have been going on.

// we are a house full of sickos. again. Billy had a cold two weeks ago (even though he claims it was just from lack of sleep and consuming too many beverages). Now Abigail and I are sick. Colds, coughs and miserable attitudes. We are a joy to be around.

// I have to go to the dentist today for x-rays, a cleaning AND exam. With a nasty cold. How does one manage to breathe when they have a stuffy nose and 4 pairs of hands in your mouth? Stay tuned for the outcome..

// I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but our road trip to Virigina was postponed. Today would have been our first day back to Florida if we had gone when we were supposed to. We had to push it back because Billy got a promotion at work and is now the General Manager of his store! So super proud of him. But we were both bummed that we had to push back our trip. But fear not VA friends and family. We will be hitting the road on March 4th (driving through the night) to be there on the morning of March 5th. And as soon as we sleep off the drive, we will be ready to party ;) So excited to see everyone and hopefully not freeze our asses off.

// Billy and I took a little day date on Sunday while my parents watched baby girl for a few hours. Ever since we started dating (7 years ago) we always talked about wanting to go hit some balls at a batting cage, but never found one when we needed it. Sunday we finally found a place to go and had a blast for most of the time! It was all fun and games until my third round at bat and decided to hit the 'baseball' button instead of the 'softball' button and then accidentally hit the 60mph botton. First ball out and it hit me right in the hand, hitting 4 of my fingers. I screamed, dropped the bat and ran out of there faster than I could squeeze a tear out of my eye. We left after than and I'm scared to ever go back again. I was also in flipflops... don't judge.

// Sunday morning, I did my usual 'stick my finger in my childs mouth to check for a tooth' and low and behold... I FELT A TOOTH! I sqealed like a banshee and told Billy to feel it. All while Abigail was screaming and surely planning some sort of shit her pants and rub it on the walls revenge. 9 months in, the girl can walk but she hadn't gotten a tooth. I was excited!

// Speaking of walking, A is starting to get the courage to take steps on her own. Her first 'offical' steps happened a few days ago. She is really good with just standing by herself now, not holding onto anything. She has great balance. We were in her playroom and she was standing up and saw my necklace, she wanted it and took THREE steps to get it. All on her own! And then I screamed and she cried. I'm really hitting motherhood out of the park lately.

That's going to do it for me today. Time to go blow my nose for the 49th time and have my 14th cup of hot tea.

thanks for the fun linkup, Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

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