I found this cute little list on Tisse's Pieces blog yesterday morning & thought I would borrow it and change it up a bit to make it my own 'Currently' list.

Currently I am...

//MAKING: plans for our weekend. Billy will be home for most of it and this girl is PUMPED!
//COOKING: I made myself a bagel this morning. That's about my limits as far as cooking goes. I've started one too many kitchen fires. (Two to be exact.)
//DRINKING: Water. I'm still slighting hungover from a Sunday Funday that taken entirely too literal.
//READING: I read a bunch of blogs daily including this, this & this. I'm also anxiously awaiting the release of this book!
//WANTING: My new LinaJake purse/diaper bag to arrive!
//PLAYING: Candy Crush. You can judge me. I'm so close to beating the whole game, I just need it to happen so I can delete the damn thing.
//WASTING: Time before Abigail wakes up. She is taking a sick day from school and we have a busy day ahead of us (with me working in between).
//SEWING: yeah, nothing. Mama can't sew anything.
//WISHING: Our baby girl would feel better soon. She's breaking our hearts.
//ENJOYING: the numbing sensation from my mouth as I get my very first filling g the dentist. Took me 27 years and a baby to finally get one. Sad. 
//WAITING: for our vacation to VA. We are so anxious to take our road trip and spend some time together and see all of our friends and family. 
//LIKING: being home with my baby girl. I just wish she wasn't sick and we could have some fun.. but then I wouldn't be home with her, so..
//WONDERING: why I can't win the lotto. Life would be so much easier. I don't need a huge mega jackpot. Just enough to get by. Is that too much to ask?
//LOVING: that I've lost 9.4 pounds in 2 weeks! I'm pretty proud of myself. I have quite a few more to lose, but it's certainly a start!
//HOPING: that Billy comes home from work before Abigail craps her pants again. I've hit my nasty dirty diaper quota for the day.
//MARVELING: at the stellar drivers that reside in Florida.
//NEEDING: to tackle my to do list, which is approximately 1436 pages long.
//SMELLING: not much with this stuffy nose.
//WEARING: yoga pants and a tank with flip flops. I know, every other state in the US wants to kill me right now, but it is BEAUTIFUL outside!
//FOLLOWING: too many tv shows. I have so much 'must watch' shows. Once the Olympics are over and they all come back on, I'm turning into a hermit.
//THINKING: about Abigail's 1st birthday. I have so many ideas & I will be in full planning mode the second we get back from Virginia!
//OPENING: Pinterest. (which is NOT on my to do list)
//GIGGLING: about the noised my kid is making right now. It sounds like something between a pterodactyl and a chimpanzee.
//FEELING: pain from my tooth :( the numbness wore off & i'm a wimp of epic proportions.


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