//friday favorites\\

I'm keeping things short and sweet around here today. I have a house to disinfect & a sick baby to tend to. 

my new sparkly shoes. 

they are BOBs. which is sketchers brand of TOMs & i absolutely love them! 

park days with this girl. 
(oh, hello sick face)

the weather has been nothing short of perfect & most days, the only thing that will calm A down when she is really sick is taking a walk in her stroller or just being outside in general. we had so much fun this day. 

no photos needed. but seriously, this is the most perfect invention of life. i seriously spend hours on it a week pinning my most favorite things that i'll never own or do. 

//reminiscing on old photos & memories. 
my bestest gal pal & i were exchanging blast from the past photos with each other last night and i came across the ones from when Billy proposed to me.
we were the classiest of the classiest back then. if you'll focus your attention to the drinks in both of our hands (his was nerves, mine was for my birthday) and my black bra hanging out for the world to see. still one of the most amazing, confusing & stressful days ever. emphasis on amazing. (that is a story for a different day, if anyone is interested)

//meyer's cleaning products
they smell so good. look cute sitting on your counter & actually work really well. 

hope ya'll have a great weekend.

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