in nine months..

in nine months... I have grown totally and completely in love with this little girl. 

// abigail is SUCH a morning person & i envy her for that. she is in the BEST mood every morning. even if she has a diaper full of poop ;)
// she loves school. she has the best time everyday and that makes me so happy.
// i pick her up everyday from school at 5:15pm. & everyday at 5:20pm she falls asleep in the car. she sleeps until we get home which is usually about 5:45pm.
//we successfully cut back on a bottle this month. now she only has 4 - 6oz. bottles a day.
// she is eating 2 full meals a day. breakfast and lunch. at school. she is on their full menu (except for the one year foods; eggs, honey etc..)
//kid loves to EAT.
//we switched bedtime from 7pm to 6:30pm because we figured out that if she goes to bed earlier, she sleeps in later. I know that doesn't make ANY sense. but its the truth. her early bedtime makes us sad, because we want to keep her up and play with her, but its better for everyone when she gets a full 13 hours of sleep.
// yes, she is still sleeping 13+ hours a night and we consider ourselves SO lucky. we contribute a lot of that to the routine we set for her around 5 weeks. she is THE BEST child and we know our next one will be batshit crazy.
// she DOES NOT like avocado. won't eat it. but that's about the only food she won't eat.
// her personality shines through more and more everyday.

& to show that it's not always rainbows and butterflies when trying to get a picture of her...
the outtakes...

homegirl was bouncing up and down like a mad woman at 6:30am. she was having a blast. 

& hated that headband. So we switched it out ;) 

mama & daddy love you, baby girl! happy nine month birthday!

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  1. OMG I want to eat her up LOL! Love the red tutu! Thank you for sharing her first 9 months. Can't wait to watch her grow up!
    Friend, Tammy