twins was the name of the game yesterday
I decided that I needed blackmail pictures of Abigail for when she grows up.
What's worse than a picture of your mom matching your outfits together?
Yeah, not much

Our weekend was pretty laid back, which was MUCH needed after a week of all three of us battling colds. While Billy figures out his new work schedule, he was home a lot more this weekend which was SO nice!

Abigail is completely captivated by Billy when he plays guitar. I think I need to learn how to play, just for the times when I'm at a loss for what to do when she is going batshit crazy & Billy isn't home.

I made separate batches of cupcakes on both Saturday and Sunday. One batch for Billy's coworkers (you're welcome, guys ;) ) & one for the Superbowl party we were attending (& the leftovers ended up at Billy's work on Monday. Do you guys love me yet?)

I had the best, cutest sous chef hanging out with me in the kitchen while I was baking all the goods. While she didn't get to taste the delicious concoctions, she did have a blast sticking her toes in the flour.

I made a batch of Valentine cupcakes & then decorated some football cupcakes for the big long, boring, uneventful, commercial sucking game. 

We had such a nice weekend filled with lots of relaxation & the greatest friends.
What a bummer that Monday came flying around the corner way faster than any of us would have liked complete with me driving to a gas station and getting attacked by a bee while pumping my car. I got to $16.42 until the bee won and made me get back in my car and leave.

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