a MAJOR confession.

Let's get right to it, shall we?
I'm starting the weekend on Thursday because I was home with Abigail after a water pipe burst at daycare. All the kiddos had to go home for the day... what a bummer. ;)


Abigail tried ice cream for the first time.
Verdict: obsessed. Kid had a meltdown when the goods were gone.
It was the first day of Spring, so we strapped on our flip flops and headed to the park!

& apparently this is how we relax in the stroller on the walk back from the park. this kid has
|| FRIDAY ||
This is the only picture I have from Friday. & I'm embarrassed to even be documenting it. But, I feel like I have to come clean.
I finished Candy Crush. Done. No more levels. STOP. Do not pass go. Do not collect your $200. Because you are a loser.

Spring-time breakfast for the kiddo.

J [hearts] B because the other way around minus the heart would be inappropriate.

Daddy went to work Saturday night and mama had a kid to wear out before bedtime. We slapped on our my sneakers & hit the pavement for a 3 1/2ish mile walk. It was gorgeous out & we had a blast, minus the dead cat we ran into.
|| SUNDAY ||
We had Sunday Funday at our house with some of our very bests and their baby girl. We were oh, so thrilled when the girls played with each other in the playroom for a whole 30 minutes before they started crying! We soaked up every second of that half hour as well as a few glasses of wine.

We tried to take a family selfie, but my daughter was all 'I'm just being Miley'.

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