favorites on friday.

happy friday, friends! 

keeping things fun around here and thought I would share some of my favorites from this week. 

this post by Whitney at I wore yoga pants to work
I swear, I sat at my computer reading this post yesterday and have never related to a post more. 
I think we are all so quick to judge the way we look, I know I am SO guilty of it. Someone takes a picture of me and I instantly want to swipe the camera from them to see if it was an 'acceptable' picture. I constantly pick apart what I look like. & I think it's time to stop. Who cares if my hair looks like it just ran through the high heat cycle of my dryer. or if my stomach is showing just a little too much of that 'hey, you had a c-section 10 months ago and things did NOT go back according to plan' fluff. 
& to keep myself accountable for everything I just rambled on about up there... here is a just washed, no makeup, no instagramming selfie of myself taken as I'm writing this post. 

I hope this inspires some of you to not be so judgmental of yourselves and just love you. Whitney definitely inspired me! 

Moving on... 

my morning cup of tazo green tea. & a cute mug doesn't hurt either ;) 

see that pretty blanket right there? I picked that baby up at a gas station in South Carolina coming back from our recent road trip. We stopped to fix one of Abigail's lovely blowouts and as we walked into the gas station to cleanup, I spotted this blanket at the counter! & the best part? It was only $10! 

my collage of photos on my office desk wall. I printed some of my favorite photos of my girl and hung them up along with this quote that one of my girlfriends gave me. 
'you are perfect exactly as you are; there is no need to change anything except the thoughts that you aren't good enough.'

our wedding guestbook. 

for our wedding almost 3 years ago, we decided instead of having our guests sign a book, we would have them sign a guitar since playing is one of billy's favorite things to do. 
the results turned out amazing and i love having this displayed in our dining room. I get to look at it everyday and reminisce on such a fun day! 

have a great weekend! 
xoxoxo ;) 


  1. That picture of you is STUNNING. Your natural beauty is unreal and your skin tone is to die for! I'm so glad you felt inspired by my post!! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Whitney! It was really eye opening & I thank you for that!! xoxo

  2. I can definitely relate to your photo insecurities! Yours looks lovely... natural and happy!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I think having insecurities is unavoidable and natural.. but loving yourself, who you are and what you look like it SO important! xoxo!

  3. That idea for the guitar signing is too cool! And that blanket? Amazing find! I love the self love project posts I have been seeing, good for you girl! Happy Weekend! :)

    1. Thanks Heather! And thanks (as always) for the Friday link-up! :)

  4. I totally agree you are such a beautiful make-up needed you are just perfect niece love you lots :-)