My Life in Numbers for my 100th Post!

Ah! I can't believe this post marks my 100th one!
I love being able to document my life here & being able to share it with you all so thank you so much for following along with me!
For your entertainment (& to celebrate 100 posts!!!) here is my life in numbers.

[[ 2 ]] the number of times I have been peed on by an infant.
 [[ 6 ]] the average number of times a week I find myself wondering aimlessly around the aisles of Target.

[[ 3 ]] the number of times I usually sneeze in a row.

[[ 10,186 ]] the number of days I have graced this Earth with my presence. You're welcome, Earth.

[[ 3 ]] the number of people I consider to be my very best friends.

[[ 7 ]] my favorite number.

[[ 0 ]] the amount of reasons that the above number is my favorite. I just like it.

 [[13]] the amount of hours I slept the first week we brought Abigail home from the hospital.

[[ 5 ]] the number of surgeries I have been through.

[[ 1 ]] the number of tattoos I have.

[[ 1 ]] the number of tattoos I regret.

[[ 46 ]] the number of times a day I check social media. (I know that's nauseating, but it's the truth [or close to it].)

[[ almost 3 ]] the number of years Billy & I have been married. & [[ almost 7 ]] the number of years we have been together, total.

[[ 57 ]] the number of pairs of shoes I own.

[[ 5 ]] the number of days last week that I came to work with wet hair. #woof.

[[ 23 ]] the number of blogs that I follow on a daily basis.

[[ 14 ]] on average, the number of people who ask me if I 'style' Abigail's hair spiky when we go out in public. Seriously?!

[[ 2 ]] the number of times I have set an appliance on fire in my kitchen.
- side note: if you forget to put water in your bowl of ramen noodles before you cook them in the microwave, there will be flames.

[[ 62 ]] the number of headbands Abigail has. eeeek!

[[ 35874093857034857 ]] the number of hugs, kisses and high fives I want to give all of you for continuing to follow along with me. I love writing about our life and I love sharing it with you all.
 I love the idea that down the road, I'll be able to show Abigail this little writing space and she'll be able to read all about her baby days as if she remembered them first hand.


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