some kind of B-U-G!

 It's Monday. But it's St. Patrick's Day, so that makes it a little better, right? No? Ok.. moving on.

I caught some sort of decorating/DIY/Pinterest bug over the weekend and I'm not hating it one single bit. In addition to the project that I am about to show you, I reupholstered my living room ottoman (that we use as a coffee table), hung a gallery wall in our bedroom & organized my baking cabinet to perfection!
I'm going to hit each of those hopefully this week, so stay tuned. & I know most of you will be surprised with what I used to reupholster the ottoman.. It was pretty genius & a total  (lucky!) mistake!

But first! If you follow me on facebook (this one or this one) or on Twitter, then you already saw the new bookshelves that we hung in Abigail's bedroom this weekend. But if not, I wanted to highlight them and let you know how EASY it was to do!

All you need for the shelves are:
2 pieces of white vinyl rain gutters (ours are 40")
6 screws (3 for each shelf)
screwdriver or drill

I had been talking about wanting to put some book shelves up in Abigail's room for a while. She has a lot of books but they were just in bins or in her closet because we didn't have anywhere to put them. I was originally going to buy the Ikea Spice Racks that everyone uses, but that would have required a long drive to Ikea plus painting them, because our store only carries them in wood. And then I remembered this idea that I saw on Pinterest a while ago.

Billy and I headed off to Home Depot to price out rain gutters and were shocked to see how inexpensive they were!
We I pulled a 10' white vinyl rain gutter from the shelf, smacked Billy in the head with it and proceeded to find the cutter-man that Home Depot employs for those saw challenged people who can't do it themselves. We asked Mr. Saw Man to cut the gutter into thirds, which equaled out to 40 inches each (thank you, 3rd grade math teacher!).

This is the gutter we used: (link here)

When we got home, we took two of the pieces and figured out where we wanted them on the walls. And without a level or measuring tape (because we clearly like to like life on the wild side) we drilled them into the walls. We used three screws on each shelf and are hoping and praying a little girl that goes by the name of Abigail doesn't decide they look like a pull up bar instead of book shelves.

Seriously, the easiest project in all of the Pinterest lands!

 & because it is St. Patrick's day, I can't leave you without some green festive-ness.

[[ when I was 16-ish weeks pregnant, we found out we were going to be having a baby girl.& I immediately went out and bought her very first headband. & I had to wait 10 months and 6 days to put it on her head. Today was a special day. ]]

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