cookies, bowling & playing with our food.

Abigail is finally on the mend!
 My happy little girl is starting to come back to us & it makes me so happy.
A sick baby means a sad mama.
Despite fighting off whatever it was that took over my child's body, we still tried to have some fun this weekend.
Abigail went bat shit crazy after I decided to give her a chocolate chip cookie. I don't think she'll ever be the same. She's definitely my child.

We aren't sure if it is the sickness or her taste changing, but the kid will not take her formula anymore. We give her a bottle, she hulk smashes it onto the ground. We give her a sippy cup with her formula in it, she shakes her head 'NO!' and screams her face off. So meal times look similar to this now....

Playing with our food.

Sunday morning grocery trips are SO much better when you get to drive through the aisles.
We went bowling on Sunday for my brothers 25th birthday. We had a blast & I now have some of my new favorite pictures of my girl!
The moment she discovered the air blower. This girl is EVERYTHING!

& now that I have emptied out my iPhone photo roll onto the page (read also: the quality of these pictures suck, can someone please tell me the best camera to buy for awesome pictures but for someone who doesn't know how to use a fancy camera...) I'm going to continue binge watching Law & Order (SVU obviously..) and pass out in t-14 seconds.

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