Easter Basket Goodies

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Moving on, Easter is this weekend!
 On one hand I can't believe it is already Easter, on the other I cant believe it is so late in April! Either way, it's Abigail's first Easter & this mama is pumped!!
 I've put together a small assortment of Easter goodies for my girl to have on Sunday morning. And I'm not even going to lie to you all right now, I think I spent a total of $11 on this entire creation. Target dollar spot for the win!!
I'm trying to build her book collection & this one I found at SAMs club is perfect! It is a touch & feel book so it has fuzzy ears, whiskers you can touch and a mirror on the last page for baby girl to look at her beautiful mug! 

The rest of the items came straight from the dollar spot at Target.
A large bubble wand, small bunny bubbles, sidewalk chalk with a bunny holder, bunny ears, a fuzzy stuffed cow, some eggs that will double as bath toys & a tradional basket.


I hope you all have the best Easter!
 Family, bunnies, food & maybe a mimosa or eight is on the agenda for this girl! 

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