Friday Favorites & the giveaway winner!

First things first, thank you to EVERYONE who entered into my Mothers Organic/Boba Carrier giveaway! I wish I could give one away to every single one of you! 
With that being said, congratulations to RACHEL! You are the winner for leaving a blog comment on my post! 
You will receive an email from me today with more details. 

*Rafflecopter picks winners automatically and at complete random. The only control I have over the winners is checking to make sure the winner completed the qualifying task.* 

-- Moving on to my favorite things this week -- 

|| Stonyfield Smoothies ||
These are saving our lives right now. 
Abigail has decided that she does NOT want formula anymore and isn't a fan of whole milk. I've had to come up with different ways to make sure she is getting the fat and calcium she is missing from the milk. When I'm not up for busting out the blender and making up my own concoction for her, I dump one of these into her zippy and she slops it right up! 

|| A bottle free drying rack ||
We have officially packed away all of the bottles in the house. Baby girl is officially off of them. It makes me happy because that means no more buying stupid expensive formula but it means by baby is really growing up!! 

|| Crafting ||
I'm doing a lot of DIY and crafting projects for Abigail's First Birthday Bash. Last night I tackled making wash tape toothpicks to stick in the food platters we are getting for the party. I'm pretty sure I have gold glitter stuck to my corneas, but I just know Abigail will love it and remember it forever. Nope, never mind. This is 100% for me. ;) 

|| The contents of this package ||
I can't share WHAT came in this beauty of a bag this week. But I can tell you it made me super happy and excited! If you know the company, I'm sure you know what was in it. Everyone else, you'll have to wait and see! 
A review and giveaway is coming up in the relatively near future. 
Someone's first birthday, perhaps?! 

& I just realized all of my favorites are centered around Abigail this week. 
I don't hate it ;) 

Thank you to Heather for the linkup! 

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! 

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