the first best day of my life

The FIRST best day of my life happened THREE YEARS AGO today!
 It was the day I got to marry my very best friend.
The only person who knows how to handle my crazy without throwing me overboard.
The guy who cleaned up my puke on our bedroom floor when I was 6 months pregnant & couldn't make it to the bathroom.
The one who holds my hand every night while we go in and creep on our daughter while she's sleeping, just to stare.
The man who knows that switching out the empty roll of toilet paper for a new one means more to me than fresh flowers.
& the guy who said in front of all of our friends and family: 'oh shit, we have to TALK?!' when the officiant at our wedding said 'Now repeat after me....'
Thanks for spending the last 3 years being married to me! You've made this girl pretty damn happy!
I love you!

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