My birthday kind of came and went pretty quick this year. But I guess that is to be expected when you are trying to plan mothers day and your baby's 1st birthday all in the same week!!
Everyone in my life still made me feel oh so special, knowing that I absolutely LOVE birthdays!!
And I don't just mean mine.
I think everyone deserves their ONE day a year that is ALL about them!
 I love to make my friends feel the MOST special on their birthdays!
Here is a quick look into how my day went!
The girls I work with decked my desk out with everything birthday! Including silver star confetti and I am STILL finding pieces of trailing around the office this morning.
Thanks girls ;)
 They had a really sweet card for me and a princess birthday crown, obviously :)
I spent my lunch break at the chiropractor. I know that may sound a bit odd, but I LOVE the chiropractor! I always leave feeling SO great and it's always really relaxing.
Laying on a bed for 15 peaceful, very quiet minutes while your hooked up to a machine that is making my neck and back feel amazing... birthdays don't get much better than that ;)
My parents picked up A from daycare so I could go straight home from work, which is a rarity and much appreciated. I spent the few minutes alone at the house, in complete silence, slider open, sitting on my new pretty patio furniture watching Sophie sun bathe in the dirt. It was lovely!
My mom brought cupcakes over and we ordered some Olive Garden to go.
After practically sticking a straw in my bowl of Alfredo sauce and 6 too many bread sticks, we called it a night.
We will be having a bigger celebration on Sunday to celebrate all the birthdays and mommas in the family :)
I did receive two amazing gifts from Billy though.
Beautiful birthday flowers and a perfectly wrapped gift box with a Chanel ribbon on the outside. I immediately knew it was a winner & opened it so fast I didn't even snap a photo of how pretty it was wrapped !
Thanks, love!!
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!
You made me all feel so loved!

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