A post about poop.

This whole parenting thing is funny.
I feel like I could write an entire book on the subject of poop at this point.
If you follow me on my personal Facebook account, you have already had a glimpse into the story that I am about to tell and if not, well you're in for a real treat.
We have a pretty standard night time routine in our house as far as Abigail goes. When we get home, we play for a bit, around 6pm we fix her some dinner and then immediately after, she goes into the bath, gets PJs and goes to bed. She likes to go to bed around 6:30pm every night (we have tried to keep her up later, but she won't stay up) so we try and squeeze in as much playtime as possible from the time we get home from work until 6:30.
Lately, Abigail has expressed an interest in 'being free' after we take her diaper off and before she gets in the bathtub. She likes to run around naked and Billy & I don't have a problem with that because what could possibly be cuter than seeing baby butt cheeks running around the house? Nothing, nothing is cuter than that.
Monday night, Billy and I were going through the motions of our bedtime routine, getting everything in order. Abigail ate dinner and I took her out of her highchair and stripped her down while Billy filled the bathtub. A was running around and Billy and I were just watching her, laughing.
And then she stopped in her tracks, not moving or making any noise with her face turned away from us.
We immediately knew what was happening.
I scooped her up and started screaming 'SHE'S NAKED AND SHE'S POOPING! SHE'S POOPING!'! Not knowing what to do, I run into her room and out of nowhere, my hero of a husband grabs a diaper and catches. the. poop. Literally. With moves like that, I'm expecting a call from the Red Sox any day now. Surely they need a catcher with impeccable reflexes.
So you're next question might be, 'How was Abigail reacting while you were screaming in her ears that she was about to crap-stain your white living room rug?' And the answer to that would be, she thought it was hysterical. Belly laughs, snot out the nose, tears in her eyes, hysterical.
You and me kid, we share different ideas of funny.
So there we have it folks, another post about poop.
I would have such a bigger problem with it if she weren't so damn cute.

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