A Whole Lot of Recapping!

3 mothers on Mother's Day
2 Birthdays
1 Urgent Care visit
& one exhausted mama.
Our weekend in a nutshell.

I didn't know it at the time, but I am now calling this picture from Friday night 'The Calm Before the Storm'.
We didn't have a bad weekend, by any means, but it was pretty hectic. So many celebrations that none of us even knew where to begin.

We spent the majority of Saturday hanging out outside. It was absolutely beautiful out/verging on entirely too hot and we couldn't pass that up!
Abigail met her very first turtle and was so sweet to him.
This turtle has been coming around since we bought our house two years ago.
Billy named him Jeffery. ||You're guess is as good as mine as to why||  But every so often I'll hear Billy yell from the porch as he is letting Sophie out, 'Jeffery's back!!' and we all get pretty excited.

We played in the grass and then went for a walk down the street with Sophie. I was trying to soak up every last second of this girl being a 'baby'. The next day, she turned one. ONE! I can't believe it! Moments like this, just hanging out, me and her are the ones I want to remember forever.

Saturday night into Sunday was a bit rocky for us. Billy was closing (aka not getting home until WAY past mama's bedtime) and Abigail was not feeling well. I can pretty much tell at this point when she has the onset of an ear infection and knew that it was well on its way. She woke up a few times during the night screaming in pain, which obviously broke my heart.

On Sunday morning, we headed over to my parents house for a birthday/Mothers Day breakfast.
We made it through eating, pictures and a birthday donut before I decided it was time to head to the after hours pediatrician to get her checked out.

||Momma (Birthday Girl!) & Me||

|| The 3 Mommas ||

|| The sugar induced fit after I had to take the donut away from her was enough to retire this whole 'birthday donuts' tradition after one year. But she went BONKERS over it! ||

|| Waiting Room Selfie ||

Sure enough, she has an ear infection in her left ear.
Nothing a little antibiotic, solid nap and some mama love can't fix :)
Speaking of a nap, homegirl was none to please when she woke up after going to the doctor. She demanded a banana and clearly didn't want her picture taken.
But between the serious bedhead and whatever expression that is on her face, I ignored her 'no pictures please' attitude and snapped away.
You'll thank me one day, kid! ;)
Happy Happy HAPPY birthday to these two beautiful ladies!
I'm so glad you share a birthday!
And Happy Mother's Day to you Momma! (& Kiki-kins!)
Abigail's FIRST birthday party is this Saturday!
Cue the stress drinking & over thinking of every detail!
I hope all you mamas out there had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!! You deserve it!
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