Abigail's FIRST Birthday Party!

No matter how many times I say it, I don't think Abigail being ONE has completely set in yet.
When we realized that her birthday was going to fall on Mother's Day this year, we knew having her party on that weekend was going to be a no-go. So this past weekend was the one we chose and I am SO glad we did! We had a great turn out with most of our closest friends and family being able to celebrate with us and the weather was nothing short of a miracle.
I'm convinced Forest Gump was talking about Florida's weather and NOT life or a box of chocolates, you really don't know what you're going to get.
For some reason, my photos are looking a little grainy. I don't know if it is the computer or my camera, but it's the best I can do.
We also didn't get too many photos. I was so focused on entertaining and enjoying myself, that I slacked on the picture taking.
We kept the decorations pretty simple.
The playroom was transformed into the cake smash area & it was my favorite decor of the party.
 I just love how it turned out.
I bought the paper flags from Target (for $2!!) and used gold glitter construction paper to cut out the O-N-E letters.
I had this chalkboard poster printed with a few details of Abigail's first year of life.
Obsessed is an understatement!
We will be using it as a prop in her one year photos we are getting done this weekend!
I also picked up this piece of wood/tree stump from Michael's and had everyone write a message to the birthday girl on it in sharpie. The end result turned out amazing!
Knowing that Abigail would never remember her first birthday party, I wanted to make sure she had a few pieces from the party to keep forever. The poster and guest book tree stump were perfect for that!
I used clear treat bags and custom made stickers and filled them with pink iced animal crackers for the kids to take home with them!

I used different colored pink construction paper and cut out flags for the Happy Birthday sign. I also used the paper as a background for Abigail's monthly photo updates that I had printed and displayed. It was so fun to look back at each month of her life and read what she was doing at that time :)
We kept the drinks easy with a strawberry lemonade & a SPIKED strawberry lemonade, bottle water and a beer fridge stocked to the brim.

I lost my mind decided to make the smash cake and cupcakes for the party.
Fully prepared to admit that all of it was store bought, boxed mixes. Thanks, Better Crocker!
I piped the icing on the cupcakes and decorated them with bright pink sprinkles and gold washi tape flags that I made and stuck on toothpicks.
I used food coloring to make the pink icing on the smash cake and topped it with edible gold stars.

We had a bubble station to distract the kids ;)

It wasn't long before our baby's first birthday party turned into something that resembled a frat party.
Also worth noting, that table looks incredibly tiny, but rest assured, it was a 6 footer, my husband is just a giant.

& a picture to frame and give to my daughter on her 21st birthday.
Stay classy, Huff family.

I expected the cake smash to be an epic shit show, complete with a post 'Happy Birthday' singing meltdown but homegirl surprised us all and held it together like a champ!
After we blew her candles out for her, we let her go to town.
She wasn't as into it as I had hoped (especially after I stuck her head in it. Mom of the Year!) , but she was a big fan of sticking her little hands in the frosting and rubbing them on everything, including my dress. Karma is a bitch ;)

We got so many amazing gifts for our girl and I can't thank everyone enough!
 This girl is going to be the most stylish chick in the neighborhood.
Yes, those are sparkly, pink Toms!
Thanks, Chels!

We had such a great day with everyone who came out to help us celebrate our sweet baby girl!
Thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday!
& thank you to all of you who stick around here to listen to my crazy stories ;)

Words of advice to look back on for next year....
Number One: Include 'only accepting no assembly required gifts' on the invitations.
Number Two: No more birthday parties until she can plan them herself.
Which solves the first problem ;)

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  1. Such a fun party! Everything turned out great!
    She is adorable, and I love her fluffy hair!