Quick Weekend Recap & Picture Dump

Get ready for another round of Mama took 1000 pictures of Abigail this weekend.
It's time for my Monday iPhone picture dump!
My mind is running a million miles a minute with all of the festivities that are taking place over the next couple of weeks. It's hard for me to concentrate on just one thing for too long, so this is going to be short and sweet!
Before school on Friday.
I just love her so much!

I picked baby girl up early on Friday and we had a date (with my mom and nephew) at a local frozen yogurt shop.
I just love that I can hold her hand and walk with her now.
This was the perfect rainy day pick me up.

She LOVED the sweets! She would take a bite and then immediately say 'brrr!' and shiver.
 Uhhhh, I die. The cutest!
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a few days early on Saturday at my best friends house. We had margaritas, salsa and babies in mini sombreros.
It was perfect.

We had our Sunday Funday at my parents pool. It was a gorgeous day out and we spent it in the sunshine ALL day!

Those eyes though...

Right after her last swim of the day, I wrapped her up in a towel like a burrito and she gave me kisses for the first time!!
Big, sloppy, snotty, open mouthed, slightly toothy, KISSES!
My mom and I freaked! Which made Abigail start belly laughing.
It was perfect!

Sunday night was bubble time! This girl LOVES her bubbles.
She is mid-scream in this photo, which is pretty accurate when I bust out the bubble wand. She runs around screaming 'bahh buhhs!!' over and over again.
The rest of the week is going to be pretty hectic around here.
My birthday is on Wednesday. Abigail & my mom share a birthday on Sunday. As well as Mothers Day. & I am knee deep in gold glitter and pink tulle for Abigail's Birthday Party next weekend.
BUT, I do have a super fun review and giveaway coming up to celebrate Abigail's FIRST birthday, from my friends over at Freshly Picked. You're not going to want to miss this one, friends!
Stay tuned & happy Monday!!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Love the pics. Have a happy birthday!

  2. What kind of sippy cup is she using? I think we have tried every single one on the market with no luck!