The Princess & The Frog.

Once upon a time there was a Princess (me), living in a magical land (Orlando) who found herself needing therapy on a Thursday morning.
The story goes a little something like this;
The Princesses alarm goes off at 6:15am, Thursday morning. The Princess doesn't want to get out of bed, so her loving husband (Prince?) gets up and grabs the crying baby from the other room.
20 minutes later, the Princess finally decides to get her ass in gear and gets out of bed. She heads straight to the bathroom for her 'morning routine'. The first thing the Princess does in the morning is brush her teeth and she completes the task with flying colors.
Next on the to do list is to pee. Hey, all Princesses do it, right? She heads over to the toilet and lifts the lid only to be greeted by the worlds biggest, most disgusting FROG on the face of the planet. The Princess starts screaming, slams the lid down, with tears in her eyes, yelling for her Prince. Her Prince prepares to do the typical 'grab a shoe, roll up sleeves, be a man and kill the bug' routine expect in between screams the Princess tries to tell him he isn't going to need the shoe.
The Prince goes into the bathroom, lifts the lid and is also startled by what he finds. It really is the worlds biggest frog! After shutting the lid again and discussing what the plan of action what going to be, The Prince and the Princess decide they have to scoop the frog out to save its very large, warty, greenish/brownish life.
Except Mr. Frog had another plan.
And that plan was the exit the exact way he entered.
Through the toilet.
The Prince named him Scooter.
So where does that leave the Princess, you ask? Scared to use her toilet & wondering what else could possibly find it's way through the drain in the middle of the night.
Therapy; Party of 1!
UPDATE: This is Scooter. And I took this picture tonight, when I got home from work. Yes, he is back. Just sitting in the toilet. & I am sitting in the fetal position on the couch, crying... waiting for Billy to get home to handle this situation. 

Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in the making of this story (I think). & also, this really is a true story. This is how I woke up this morning & no, I don't think I'm ever going to recover.


  1. LMAO! I think it means "good luck" to have one in your house :) Tammy

  2. Are you kidding me?!? In your TOILET? I may never pee in the dark bathroom again!