a weekend for the books.

This weekend was one of the best in a while. It was filled with so many fun activities and I'm excited to recap them all for you today! 
Warning: A fun weekend means 19874 pictures to post on Monday. Which is exactly what it happening today.

A super fun weekend wouldn't be complete without a few bumps in the road. Friday night was that bump. After putting Abigail down to bed at her normal (for her) bedtime of 6:30pm and her continuing to scream for dear life for the next 2 hours no matter what I tried, I was ready to be committed to the loony bin. Girlfriend has 7 teeth cutting right now & for the most part, she is handling it like a champ. Friday night though, she lost the teething battle. After a second dose of Tylenol and lots of cuddles, she was finally asleep around 9:15pm.. Just in time for Billy to walk through the door from work. 

This is mid-breakdown. For both Mama and Abigail. 

& as soon as she didn't show any signs of waking back up, Mama poured a glass of vodka. With a splash of lemonade. It's not considered drinking alone if there is a baby and dog in the house, right? ;) 

Saturday morning, we decided to start checking things off of our Summer Bucket List. First up was the Winter Park Farmers Market. Despite living in 'Orlando' for the past what seems like 63 years, we had never been. We met up with my whole family and made an entire day out of it. 

This girl steals my heart over and over again, every single day. 

She loves her grampie (my dad) so, SO much! 
But no one holds a candle to her big cousin, Nathan. I don't know what it is about him, but this girl gets one look at him and she FLIPS her lid. She loves this boy more than anything! & I think the feeling is mutual ;) 

We tried some of the most DELICIOUS pressed juice I have ever had! 
Pink Lemonade: Grape, Lemon, Pomegranate & Beet. 

Once we were done at the Market, we made a pit stop in the park. We immediately kicked off our hunter boots shoes and Nathan & I started having a handstand competition. I don't want to brag or anything, but check out that form ;) 

Like I said earlier, this girl is UHHbsessed. 

We ended our day in Winter Park with tree climbing & a little bit of hanging around :) 

We spent our Fathers Day at Blizzard Beach in Orlando. It is quite possibly my dad's favorite place in town, the only bummer was that Billy wasn't able to spend the day with us. #workinginarestaurant

It took Abigail all of about 4 seconds to get over the feel of the sand and from there she was a happy camper! 

Pretty sure more sand ended up in this girls mouth than it did in that bucket.

Celebrating Father's Day for Billy, since he couldn't be with us, with a beverage.     

After nap time and before we left, we sent sand messages to daddy :) 

On our way home, my dad pulled off to a gas station to get a few things. While he was in the store and my sister, mom and I were all waiting in the car, we had a conversation that went a little like this... 
Me: Hey guys, do you remember those Orange flavored push-pops that we used to eat all the time when we were kids? 
Mom: Of course! You guys loved them! 
Me: They remind me of summertime and childhood!! 

Within seconds, my dad walked back to the car and had TWO orange flavored push pops for Nathan and Abigail! How did he know?! 
The kids LOVED them! & I'm pretty sure the back of the car is still a bit orange ;) 

Fathers Day for our guy <3

I put together 2 different pictures for Billy to see when he woke up on Fathers Day. They might have been the two hardest photos to capture. This girl did not want to sit still the night I decided to take them. I still love how they turned out though :) 

I put together a little 'man basket' filled with goodies to show our appreciation for everything he does for his girls.     
Bacon flavored popcorn, beer, hot sauce, beer bread mix and 2 tickets to Dave Matthews in Tampa. 
I had a happy boy! 

Abigail was so sweet and got her daddy a few things too. They included a framed picture and her footprint and hand print in the shape of a superhero ;) So sweet, that girl is! 

We had such a wonderful weekend & hope you did too!! 


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