a weekend recap with more words than pictures.

Well, its Monday people (possibly Tuesday now since I'm a slacker whacker & not posting this until most of you are probably resting your noggins on a fluffy pillow) and my week is already better than this lady's because I didn't walk down an aisle in my wedding dress this weekend acting like I didn't strap my newborn baby to the back of it. #merica!
Abigail had her end of year party at school on Thursday. Luau themed, complete with delicious island drinks with exotic umbrellas, minus the rum.
Note to A's teachers; the next time you have a party and serve my child cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and hawiian punch, you are required to come home with us and deal with the tornado that was my sugar high, tantrum throwing child.

[[Abigail & her bestie dominating their cupcakes]]
I have a total of ONE picture from the weekend.
Florida has been pretty miserable in the weather department the last week or so. It is disgustingly hot & most days it is pouring by 2pm.
After Billy went to work on Saturday and the weather wasn't clearing up, my sister and I decided to take all 3 kids to the mall to get some of their energy out. Jokes on us though, because after 4 hours at the mall being outnumbered by kids, WE had no energy & wanted to cry.
One blowout, a broken sippy cup & two happy meals later, we made it out barely alive.

The blurriest, most out of focus picture & I love it.
 A was loving every second of the play area at the mall with her cousin. Mama on the other hand, was chasing her around with a bottle of hand sanitizer.
Some milestone news: Abigail offically can say her name! Well, she says Abby. & as much as I didn't want her to have the nickname yet, I'll take it!
She also has mastered asking for 'more' in sign language & it might be the cutest thing to ever happen.
& the most exciting newsof all, my girl FINALLY said 'mama' over the weekend! & then wouldn't stop ;)
& this is what our Monday night looked like.
Pressure washing our sidewalk and driveway because our HOA is a pain in my ass.
But the real fun was when we shampooed our entire couch right before this.
Have a great week friends! Be back soon with more shananigans! ;)

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