Friday Favorites!

Jumping right into it today... Thanks, as always to Heather for hosting the Friday Favorites linkup!

|| my new sneakers ||
Billy & I set off to find some new sneakers last week. We went to Rack Room and took advantage of their BOGO 50% off and ended up each with a pair and didn't spend over $100! I'm pretty pumped to hit the pavement with these as soon as Florida decides to stop with the crazy weather every afternoon! 

|| this collage of abigail || 
Our photographer was so sweet and put together this amazing collage of all of the faces Abigail made from our 45 minute photoshoot a few weekends back. I could just die over the cuteness. This girl, I could just eat her up!

|| the first sunburn of summer || 
I spent part of last Sunday outside doing some yard work and pressure washing, and got roasted in the sun. Usually I'm really good about putting sunscreen on, but I completely forgot this time and have the cutest sports bra burn/tan to prove it. Summer is here & I'm not even a little bit mad about it! ;)

|| Orange is the New Black ||
Like this even needs an explanation as to why it made its way onto my Friday Favorites list, however I'll give you one.
Billy & I binge watched the first season, what feels like 6 years ago. The new season was released this week and we are on episode 10. This means we will be in a downward spiral of depression as soon as we are done with it. This show is awesome for so many different reasons. If you aren't watching it, you should. Just not with any children in the room. And don't watch it with your parents. There are way too many boobs and whoHa's for that non-sense.

|| foam rolling || 
& last, but definitely not least, my beloved foam roller. This thing is a serious miracle worker. I spend some serious time on this thing, almost nightly stretching out my back muscles. Sitting hunched over a computer all day kills me, so coming home and rolling out my back is ahhhhmazing! 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! I'll be back Monday with a weekend recap of all the fun things we have planned the next few days!

Happy Friday! 

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