it was the freakin weekend

& fun we did have! 
(If you feel obligated to hit that 'X' at the top of your screen and never come back here because of that cheese fest that just occurred, I don't blame you. I apologize.) 

The last few days have been pretty great. Starting with Thursday, when I treated myself to a lunch break pedicure. & then got bored so I dyed my hair. People shouldn't let me get bored. I do drastic things. 

I had a rough Friday morning. & by rough I mean I had a runny nose and hated everything that I put on my body trying to get ready for work. So I threw a hissy fit and proceeded to throw all of my clothes on the ground in little balls like a toddler. & then Abigail (the actual toddler) came walking around the corner with a flower that her and billy had just picked up on the walk that he took her on so she didn't see her mother acting like a lunatic and everything was right in the world. #runonsentence 
When the work and school day were over, Abigail and I flew solo for the night. We practiced our drawing skills on the magnadoodle and then I was a total creep and took a picture of her cute little piggies sticking out of her crib. 

Billy was home Saturday morning so we headed to the local farmers market (this is a much smaller, dirtier, less eventful one than a couple weekends ago). We bought lots of veggies and I realized I wasn't a ten year old anymore. I literally couldn't swing my body weight across even one of those bars. How embarrassing. We made lunch time smoothies, took a 3 hour nap and rounded out the night with an epic game of hide and seek. I almost had to call in the troops to find this sneaky girl ;) 

Sunday was filled with mimosas, beautiful beer buckets, lazy rivers & sandy beaches. My parents are renting a condo at a gorgeous beach in Palm Coast, FL and the grounds are more like a resort than condo property. This thing has like 8 pools, 4 hot tubs, water slides, a lazy river, lounge chair bar service... It was pretty amazing. And the best part about it, they have it for another week and a half. We will be heading back out there on Friday to enjoy the holiday weekend :) 

I'm a toasty shade of lobster & it makes me heart swim with happiness! 

Hope you had a great weekend!! 

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