Summer Bucket List

I have big plans for this Summer!

After sitting around this weekend and going completely stir crazy in the house, I decided that this summer will be jam packed with fun things to do! It is so easy to let the days slip by and before you know it, it's October. 

It is so important to me that Abigail has an active, fun and memorable childhood. While she may still be too young to remember any of the fun activities I have planned for us this summer, I'll certainly have pictures to show her when she's older. 

Since Florida's temperatures range anywhere from 96 degrees to 'I'm sorry, am I in hell now' on any given day, a lot of our planned activities revolve around water. And this mama is 100% ok with that! We already have TWO beach vacations planned for the Summer, one in July and one in September that we are oh so excited about!

In addition to all of the fun-ness above, I hope to go on as many walks around the neighborhood as possible, take my girl to the park and let her swing until she's dizzy & cover our faces in popsicle juice AT LEAST 4 times ;)

What is on YOUR summer bucket list? 

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