13ish Months!

I had so much fun documenting Abigail's first year of life through the updates I did on a monthly basis and I knew I wanted to continue it in some way after her first birthday. I toyed with the idea of just continuing on and doing the picture collages each month, but to be honest with you, they are a lot of work. Most months I was so stressed about getting the perfect picture and making sure it was posted exactly on time, I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. So I'm taking a totally different, laid back approach for year two. 

I found these questions here, and thought they were perfect to document the next 12 months. Some months will be combined with others, they will probably never be on time, and they will have whatever pictures I can find on my iPhone that haven't been posted yet. 
Stress free, exactly as it should be :) 

I'm also going to try and include some of our favorite items from the months as well. 

Let's get started! 

Age: 13 months (14 months on the 11th) 
Favorite Foods: We finally introduced peanut butter to her and she is definitely her fathers daughter. She loves it! Other than that, Smoothies, bananas and chicken. Veggies are a struggle. She'll eat them if we puree them and spoon feed them to her, but she doesn't like to pick them up and feed herself. She's a diva. Not entirely sure where she gets that from. (Read also: Her mother is a diva.)
Favorite Words: Abeee, Puppy, Mommy & Dada. And just recently she has started to point to pictures around the house and tell me whether its mommy or daddy. A few days ago, A and I were waiting in the car for Billy to come out of the house and when he did, she started saying 'Dadda! Dadda!' and giggled. It literally blew my mind! She also points at her baby doll and says 'baby' & knows that her 11 week old cousin, Addison is a 'bayyybeee' too!
Favorite Activities:  Climbing. As I type this, she is climbing up to the top of her highchair and sitting down in it herself. She climbs up and down the couch and bed and don't even get me started on the stairs. We probably need to invest in a permanent helmet for her, I'm not ready for our first ER visit. -Scribbling on her mag-na-doodle. -Taking her socks and shoes off in the backseat every morning before we get to daycare. And then sticking them in her mouth. Ugh. -Piling her food pieces on top of her sippy cups while she's eating occurs on the regular as well.
Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes. I swear girl turns into the hulk when we try and get her pants and diaper off. She wrestles you until you finally give up and try again later. -Dropping her off at daycare is probably on both of our lists of least favorite activities. She has epic meltdowns every day when I try and set her down at the table for breakfast and usually have to hand her off to a teacher and run out the door just to get to work at a relatively decent time (notice I didn't say 'on time', I don't remember the last time that has happened). 
Signature Moves: Not sure where she picked it up, but she loves spinning in circles and then trying to walk. The impending face plant is hilarious to watch every. single. time. -She loves to dance and wiggle whenever the BandAid commercial comes on, you know the one...'I am stuck on BandAid brand cause germs don't stick on me'. She really jams to that one. -Screaming 'WEEEEE!' whenever we swing her in the air, push her in a laundry basket or anything that involves moving fast. It kills me, it's so cute! 
Mom's Proudest Moment: it's so hard to narrow them down. I have so many shining moments on a daily basis but the one that is sticking out in my mind is a couple weeks ago, Abigail was melting down at bedtime. I pretty much tried everything I could think of to get her to chill out and close her eyes and after 2 hours I had HAD it! I walked into her room, turned the lights on, sound machine off, picked her up out of her crib, sat her on the floor and yelled something along the lines of 'i give up! you figure it out!'. Smooth Jenn, real smooth. About 2 seconds after I realized I was being a complete douche face, I picked her up and gave her the worlds biggest hug, except I tried to scoop her up so fast that I elbowed her in the face.
Side note: It wasn't hard enough for her to even be fazed by it and she quickly fell asleep in my arms hugging my neck as tight as her little arms could handle. We got over our fight pretty quickly & then I poured myself a glass of vodka. & cried on the couch. #getagripmama
Dad's Proudest Moment: We all know that this one takes the cake, but besides that; I'm going to go ahead and say Billy is pretty proud of the ridiculous outfits he puts this kid in. The other day I dropped her off at daycare and she was wearing so many different colored stripes, her teacher wrote the name 'lifesaver' on her daily paper instead of Abigail. It's bad, guys. & billy thinks it's hilarious!




Favorite Items:

Shopping cart - Abigail loves to push this arounf the house collecting anything and everything she can find. She loves likes to see how many of my toes she can run over at a time & how much blood she can draw from my ankles.
DVDs - We keep a few DVDs on a bookshelf under the TV and she tends to gravitate towards themmore that any of her toys. She loves to pick them up, hand them to us, take them back and then chew on them.
Mag-Na-Doodle - I mentioned it above, but she loves to scribble all over this. We trace our feet & hands and Abigail loves to move the eraser up and down and watch everything disappear.

I feel like I say this everytime I do an update, but this is by far THE MOST fun age yet! She keeps us on our toes and keeps our hearts filled with so much love and joy!
We love you baby girl!!


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