Doing DAVE on a School Night.

I'm talking about going to see the Dave Matthews concert tonight, ya freaks! ;)
Billy and I have a lot of 'things'. Dave concerts are one of them. We have been going to them for the past 7 years (our entire relationship), minus the year Dave decided to abandon all of us and NOT tour. The nerve.
So, even though it is a Wednesday night and we have to drive all the way to Tampa to see him, we are doing it. And I'm sure, mildy regretting it tomorrow morning.
We even bought tickets with SEATS, like REAL grown ups! Hurry for not getting rained on. Because if you have been going to see Dave in Tampa for a while, you know that the seasons WORST rain/thunder storm is ALWAYS like night of Dave ;)
Here's to hoping I can stand to look at a computer screen long enough to recap our night for you tomorrow. hashtag hungover.
Years Past

We were such babies!!


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