I'm the type of girl who...

-- wears my daughters headbands/hair accessories and tries to pull them off as my own.
-- diagnosed myself with misophonia which literally means 'the hatred of sound'.
-- dreams of living in a place where I don't have to be afraid of getting eaten while swimming in a lake.
-- thrives on change. love it! all of it!
-- used to rearrange my bedroom furniture at least one a month when I was a kid. See also; I love change!
-- loved highschool & hated college. So I didn't finish. No, I don't have a college degree. Sometimes I feel like I'm ok without one, other times, I'm totally embarrassed that I don't.
-- still needs my mommy when I get sick.
-- still uses a planner & paper calendar to stay organized.
-- used to rewrite all of my notes in highschool (pages and pages) if I didn't like how my handwriting looked on the first draft.
-- believes in birthday months.
-- is a total sucker for gimmicky products & cute packaging.
-- signs my name differently every single time I write it. Since getting married, I still haven't found my signature.
-- see something I want and fixates on it until it is mine.
-- will go buy $200 work of groceries & then go through the McDonalds drive-thru on the way home.
-- has a dream to one day be on Wheel of Fortune. I've applied so many times & I'm also freakishly good. Which I'm sure annoys everyone I watch it with.
-- thinks like if too short not to eat all the cupcakes.


  1. Yeah... I'm with you on the hand writing thing. I will completely start over on a new page if I mess up, even a few lines in.