Pregnancy Confessions

Pregnancy Confessions.
This post is going to be exactly like what the title is.
I've enlisted the help of my sister and my best friend, Heather and they have provided my with their most ridiculous/embarrassing stories from when they were pregnant. I've also included my most ridiculous because it is WAY too good not to share.
--throwback pregnancy picture--

sister drives to the KFC drive-thru and places an order for FOUR biscuits and a side (what I can only presume was a size large, we didn't talk about that) of potato wedges.
sister parks car in parking lot and begins to devour all four biscuits and then entire order of potato wedges.
sister hides the evidence of said binge-fest.
sister decides that didn't quite do it.
sister drives BACK through the drive-thru and orders FOUR more biscuits.
sister eats all the biscuits.

-I know, I'm holding my head in shame FOR her. She isn't proud of it. And of course she is annoyingly thin now, 3 months post baby. Just typing the word biscuits, I gained 8 pounds.- 

[[best friend]] 
best friend wakes up one morning, desperately needing coffee.
best friend goes into the kitchen to make a cup only to find that her wonderful husband has already made her a big, fresh cup.
best friend begins to cry.
best friend tells husband that getting her that cup of coffee was the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for her.
best friend drinks coffee with tears running down her face.....into her coffee.

-side note: her husband does many, many things that are so, super nice. This was DEFINITELY not the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for her ;)- 

I left work one day, got in my car & started driving towards the highway.
As I was driving I noticed that a cute little lizard had latched himself onto the side mirror of my car.
I was hesitant to hop on the highway due to the lizard, but I really didn't have a choice.
As I started picking up speed, this poor little lizard was hanging on for dear life, dangling in the wind until he finally gave up and let go.
I CRIED the ENTIRE 20 minute drive home & proceeded to call B to tell him the story, in hysterics.
I could see the sadness in the lizards eyes, begging me to stop driving.
At least my pregnant ass thought that's what I was looking at. I'm sure he was yelling 'WEEEEE!!!' the entire time.

OK, your turn! Tell me in the comments, whats one super ridiculous/embarrassing story that happened to you while you were pregnant?!
Excited to read them! 

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  1. BWAAAAHAAAHAAAA.....THANKS for that laugh today!

  2. Oh my god...I'm 26 weeks right now right in the midst of the crazyness. This post is hilarious!! The lizard omg...thank you!!

    1. haha! Glad you liked it! Poooooor lizard! ;) xoxox

  3. 7 months preggo. John was in the Army and in the field (training that was 1 hr from home) so my girlfriend and I snuck there to go see Pearl Harbor with our hubby's (totally against the rules) in the next town. During the movie, contractions started and got to 4 minutes apart and I thought I was dying. Only option?? To go to the medics tent! They had NO clue what to do with this laboring-way-to-early woman so called to have me transported to military hospital via BLACK HAWK HELICOPTER. You can not hear a darn thing while on it....and I just about lost it when I felt hands up my dress. They were checking to see if I was crowning?!?!??! Ever hear of sign language if speaking is not an option?? Pumped with drugs and steroids and stayed in til due date. And John got in SO much trouble!!!!!!!!!